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6502 EX (Extended) [versions]


The 6502EX processor is offered in four different versions covering different needs in the 8bit and 32bit domain.


Reduced Version implementing only legacy instructions (ISA8) and very few ISA32 instructions aimed to manage memory segmentation. A reduced Register Bank is supported as well. Memory is limited to 16Mbyte on 8bit only. System Register space and coprocessor interfacing are not available on this core. This version is suggested to be used to replace legacy 6502 processor providing memory expansion with respect to traditional 64Kbyte.

Hereafter the programming model:


Low Cost 8bit bus version implementing legacy instructions (ISA8) and all the ISA32 instructions with exception of advanced arithmetic instructions like MAC, UMUL and SMUL and some kind of JUMP. Memory can be expanded up to 4Gbyte on 8bit only. A reduced System Register space and a reduced Register Bank are supported. Coprocessor interfacing instead is not supported. This version is suggested to implement low cost no demanding 8bit embedded system.


High Performance 32bit bus version implementing the full features of the 6502EX architecture. This version is recommended to implement high performance 32bit embedded system.


Vintage System version implementing the full 6502EX 32bit architecture just as the HP version. On top of that, the VS version adds a special auxiliary 8bit bus to be connected to old (vintage) hardware originally connected to a legacy 6502 processor. This bus is mapped to the first 64Kbyte of memory (first segment). In this way the VS version can be directly connected to a fast 32bit subsystem and, at the same time, to a slow vintage 8bit system replacing the original CPU. The synchronization of the signals between the vintage (slow) system and the 6502EX-VS is automatically provided by our core. This version is recommended to provide 32bit upgrade to old 8bit system allowing seemles integration between old and new hardware as well as integration of old and new software. Just as an example, the VS core could be used to upgrade the Commodore64 or the Apple II to 32bit preserving the original hardware and running the original appliaations and games.

All these core versions implement legacy 6502 code in a time accurate manner.

The following figure represents the four versions available for the 6502EX processor.

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